CHEESE!!!!! *****UPDATED****

Here. We. GO!!!!!

My ingredients


Of course I took a picture AFTER I poured the milk and citric acid into my pot… oops…

Bring the milk up to 100° slooooowly


The citric acid starting to work.


20 minutes later. Now to let it sit for 15 minutes undisturbed.

Well, here I am two weeks later….

My mozzarella mission failed. I could never get my curds to form a clean break much less form at all. I have read that using Organic milk usually does not yield very good results. That may be the reason but that didn’t stop me. I was not going waste $12.oo worth of Organic milk!!!!!

Soooo…. here’s what I ended up doing to save my… half ass curds? Not sure what it was….. It looked half ass anyway. I set my half ass curds underneath the stairs with towels wrapped around it. I read that sometimes letting it sit for at least 3- 24 hours you can achieve a clean break. Well, I didn’t get a well formed curd with a clean break. I got a half sunk very thin curd that tried…. I still didn’t give up. I drained the whey and half ass curds through a terry cloth( waaay better than cheese cloth) and hung it in the fridge like so




I let every bit of moisture drain so it could be firm and sort of age so it would have a slightly tangy flavor.  Wednesday I took it out of the fridge to see what it looked like and give it a taste.

Here is what it looked like.


Here’s how I dressed it up for lasagna (post coming soon)


I added a few generous shakes of both Garlic Salt and Parsley. Stirred until it was combined. I didn’t like the texture. It was to dry so I added about a fourth  cup of milk. PERFECT! It tasted like cream cheese but it still had that ricotta taste. It was great on crackers.

Here is the final product!


Smooth, creamy, garlic goodness. I decided to use it for lasagna with some homemade mozzarella a very good friend of mine made.

So when your cheese mission looks like it’s going fail and you might have wasted time and money getting it together, don’t give up. Research on what may have happened. Look up other easy cheese making recipes like ricotta, spreadable,  even goat cheese like chevre. I pretty much just experimented with what I had read about making other cheeses and what could have went wrong.  I don’t regret it. It came out pretty dang good! Made on helluva lasagna with it. Keep at it!

I’ll post that lasagna recipe soon.


-Texas Pistol

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