CHEESE!!!!! *****UPDATED****

Cheese post updated

Texas Pistol In The Kitchen

Here. We. GO!!!!!

My ingredients


Of course I took a picture AFTER I poured the milk and citric acid into my pot… oops…

Bring the milk up to 100° slooooowly


The citric acid starting to work.


20 minutes later. Now to let it sit for 15 minutes undisturbed.

Well, here I am two weeks later….

My mozzarella mission failed. I could never get my curds to form a clean break much less form at all. I have read that using Organic milk usually does not yield very good results. That may be the reason but that didn’t stop me from wasting $12.oo worth of Organic milk!!!!!

Soooo…. here’s what I ended up doing to save my… half ass curds? Not sure what it was….. It looked half ass anyway. I set my half ass curds underneath the stairs with towels wrapped around it. I read that sometimes letting it sit…

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